We are a group of daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, commuters, workers, homeowners, renters and many other things. In short, we are members of our communities.  What unites us is our concern about the deteriorating state of our planet and natural environment, and a sense of frustration and concern that we, as a society, are not doing enough, quickly enough, to fix it.

Changes to our planet’s natural environment affect everyone, and can seem overwhelming. We want I Promise To Act to be an outlet for anyone and everyone to express how they are feeling and make a promise to do something positive, no matter how small. Our promise in return is that we will help you keep your promise by sending you (occasional) prompts and reminders of it. That’s all.

Georgia Garrard
Right now I feel sad and frustrated. So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to make climate change policy the number one priority when I vote at the next election and continue to advocate for the protection of our natural environment.


Nick Grant
Right now I feel frustrated. So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to contact my MP to express my concerns and make climate change policy the number 1 priority when I vote at the next election.

Emily Gregg
Right now I feel overwhelmed and upset, and occasionally furious. So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to actively support and draw attention to governments and businesses who are protecting nature and taking meaningful action against climate change.

Alex Kusmanoff
Right now I feel frustrated and angry.
So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to vote only for candidates and parties who care for the environment and our future.

Tristan Lawrence
Right now I feel angry. So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to engage constructively with people who don’t understand climate change and to only vote for parties who promise to act on climate change.

Christopher McCormack
Right now I feel hurt and dismayed. So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to make climate change policy the number 1 priority when I vote at the next election and to eat less red meat. 

Jen Martin
Right now I feel scared and frustrated.
So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to eat less meat, reduce food waste and buy no new clothes for 12 months.

Sandra Radovini
Right now I feel so saddened, dismayed and frustrated.
I promise to check if my super fund invests in fossil fuel and change funds if necessary.

Euan Ritchie
Right now I feel sad, scared, and angry.
So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to be a strong champion for the environment and to support others to do the same.

Matthew Selinske
Right now I am distressed and feel angry. So #IPromiseToAct.
I promise to attend at least three climate marches in the next year and further reduce my meat consumption.

Contact [email protected] for further information.

We at I Promise to Act acknowledge the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we live and work.

We sourced our promise images from Unsplash. Photos are by April Pethybridge (native plant), Anna Pelzer (vegetarian meal), Elevate (food waste), Denise Johnson (less plastic), Becca McHaffie (clothes), Fabian Blank (superannuation), Parker Johnson (vote), John Schnobrich (write MP), Noah Buscher (planting), Mika Baumeister (climate march).